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  • Mounting at ~350ft of height:
    • 24 foot DMX tower (sections 2-4? of http://www.wadeantenna.com/ius/product-files/DMX.pdf ) attached to site structure at the North
    • mounting allowed on VE4WDR mast at the W corner
    • the above allow coverage of most of Winnipeg except a tiny sliver in the SE direction
  • inside equipment
    • ??U rack bolted to the top of the rack where VA4WDR is located
    • 2x 2U Tripp-Lite SU1500? UPSes
    • 2x servers - VE4WAN and WDR (top/bottom?)
    • 2x routers - Mikrotik RB493AH
    • 1x unmanaged gigabit switch for the internet connection
    • ~a dozen PoE injectors for tower equipment
  • pictures and illustration of all of the above, including pointing out the gear on both towers.