Project Status

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  • Setup of main site - mostly done, the excellent 55 Nassau has:
    • excellent coverage of the city, now with 4x 2.3Ghz sectors
    • good, fast server with VM support, and routers
    • excellent internet access
    • mounting capacity for more backhauls to later sites

  • Expansion in Winnipeg: much todo
    • St.James site online, no dedicated backhaul yet
    • W and NE sites are still being researched
    • UofM site is in progress, slow due to the fact much work can only be done during work hours

  • Expansion outside of Winnipeg
    • Woodlands site is broadcasting, on the network (36 mile 5.9Ghz backhaul to 55N) soon
    • Selkirk and Steinbach sites are under consideration
    • Looking at Portage la Prairie and Gimli options

  • Content and network use: - much todo
    • Network is running fine for general internet access
    • With server VMs can start creating forums / storage / 'apps' for hams

  • Redundancy - much todo
    • still looking at sites for backup server
    • still need another main site and more radios/antennas so that every main tower has redundant backhauls