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VA4WAN is a High-Speed Multimedia Radio project that seeks to combine the experimentation, education, frequencies, community and community service of the amateur radio field with the high speeds and flexibility of IP networking. It does this by installing equipment at tower sites in Winnipeg and surrounding areas which offers an open network at 2.3Ghz to which all amateur radio operators can connect. Those sites are interconnected mostly at 5.9Ghz and the radios used are consumer 2.4/5.xGhz outdoor units which have been modified to run at amateur frequencies. This work is all done by members and volunteers, and the equipment has been purchased (often on eBay or other discount sources) by project members or donated / repaired by friendly individuals or companies. The project members are very thankful for these and the tower / co-location space that has similarly been donated. We invite all amateur radio operators to join and help build a modernized aspect of amateur radio communications; for those who are interested but not yet 'hams' we can offer assistance and training to join the hobby.